Friday, January 9, 2015

Tis the season ~ People before Things...

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas when all through the air
Was a feeling of disorganization and a bit of despair.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
and the tree was embellished with baubles to spare;
But, no presents, no baking, no wassail, no ham.
In fact, it appeared that Christmas this year might be a scam.

The children all wrestled with life’s heavy demands,
Having no time to answer mom’s Christmas list commands.
The rush was not just for Christmas presents to get;
It involved a plan for mom and dad to get on a jet.

Instead of creating a lovely Christmas for the family at home
They set out cavorting;  the streets of London to comb.
Passing signs in shop windows of the Christmas countdown
Chuckling and scoffing merrily as they instead took to the town.

Attention for Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben and such,
Christmas presents, wrappings, baking, parties, not getting as much.
Fourteen days before Christmas read the sign on the door.
No worries, we have days before presents we will need to score.

Thirteen days before Christmas - what really is the rush?
Dodging louries, taxis, double decker buses and hordes of people that crush.
Museums, castles, statues, cathedrals and parks;
Streets teaming with history, we carry on as happy as larks.

Twelve days before Christmas - the shoppers are out,
With not a care in the world, to Kensington Palace we set out and about.
Our wool coats, our scarves our mittens keeping us warm,
Keeping the rain Gods at bay certainly took all our charm.

Eleven days until Christmas - makes me squirm just a little,
Maybe later my Christmas list in my head I will fiddle.
Then off to Winter Wonderland we would go,
Eating treats, watching people and riding a ferris wheel that went really slow.

Ten days before Christmas - Are you freaking kidding?
Four days of tending, hosting a party, not to mention presents bidding.
Candy making, cookie baking, wrapping and such,
How did we leave so little time for ourselves to do so dang much.

And then in a twinkling I heard in my head,
The familiar calm voice that said there is nothing to dread.
Celebrating 35 years of marriage of that side of the pond,
Quickly reminded us of the family to which we were fond.

The reminder that experiences and people come before things,
It is the message that the real spirit of Christmas does bring.
It is not about presents, or baubles or bows,
It is the love we feel for each other we know.

This past year has presented us with hardships aplenty,
If we counted them up I am sure it would exceed twenty.
But this family has rallied to the aid of each other,
Demonstrating we are truly keepers of our proverbial brother.

This is not just in word but has been carried out in deed,
As one quietly reaches out when there presents a need.
Each one of our family members have put personal things aside
To be with another to lovingly and carefully abide.

There is no greater love than to stand tall together
And my sweet little family has shown they can withstand any type of weather.
London has its Royal family to boast
But my family is royal in more ways than most.

We have each other in thick and thin,
When we question that, we always take a look in,
To see how we can pull together at times
Overlooking our differences and unique designs.

This year our family, a guardian was given.
She was loaned for only a moment and then from this earth she was driven.
To watch over us and remind us of what treasure lies ahead,
We cannot think of her without knowing we have nothing to dread.

When speaking of treasure, this is worth more than gold.
It is worth more than precious stones from the crown jewels I am told.
So, Queen Elizabeth, your Koh-i-noor diamond you can keep,
Along with your castles and riches knee deep.

We have our own family crown jewels metaphorically of our making.
It comes through opportunities to serve each other and ourselves forsaking.
We all hope for a space to be set in the eternal and circular crown,
Heaven’s newest angel, Sienna, already has her place laid down.

The material things of Christmas this year may be rushed
but the volume of Christ in our lives recently cannot be hushed.
Each of us in this family are wealthy beyond measure,
The relationships we have are our biggest treasure.

As we arrived home we quickly got under the gun;
We knew how much truly needed to be done.
The season, it twinkled, the festivities ended up being merry;
You would have never known that ten days ago things were really scary.

Laying a finger up side of my ear,
The faint sounds of Christmas I certainly did hear.
Ready or not the season is bloody well here, folks,
So a jolly good Christmas to all of you blokes.


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