Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Theme for 2013

Eat less
                    Pray more
                                               Live and Love intentionally

A few years ago, I gave up on a long standing tradition of personal failures by giving up on New Year's Resolutions to be made and broken within weeks of the new year.  As a ridiculous list-maker by nature, the typical system of creating a laundry list of goals on January 1 was doomed almost before the ink dried, year after year after year (I am old.) The most liberating thing I have done in my goal setting arena is to opt for a yearly "theme".  Therefore, goals can be set along the way as I find something to be passionate about instead of an arbitrary list on January 1 that seems somewhat outdated by September. 

This method was reaffirmed to me as a funny thing happened on my way to 2013 when all my carefully crafted priorities changed in mid-March of 2012.  A theme approach lends itself to a year that somehow gets wildly derailed by the unpredictable and inevitable nature of life.  Goals set around a theme can be sweet and simple or can be ambitious depending on one's circumstances, family members or energy level at any given time.

Eat less  - Imagine that?  Ninety nine percent of women set this predictable goal and will until the end of time.  My focus this year will be eating less processed food and sugar, eating smaller portions, drinking less diet soda and making these changes out of a desire for better health rather than to lose the ten pounds I never seem to lose.  It is already mid-January, I wonder when I am really going to get serious with this one?

Pray more - My hope is to improve the quality of my prayers, perhaps more often getting down on my knees rather than starting a prayer when I get into bed as I drift into a semi-conscious state with a bundle of incoherent thoughts.  As my alarm goes off in 2013, I want my first word to be something other than "Amen."  The Lord has indeed been patient with me and has blessed me abundantly in spite of my poor efforts.  I can also do better and be more consistent in several areas of worship.  "More" is the operative word for my spiritual efforts.

Live and Love intentionally - I have three grown children living in three different cities from Boston toSalt Lake City to Portland.  In February, I will become a first time grandmother.  Spontaneity is a virtue to be desired and one that, as a compulsive list-maker, has taken me decades of effort to cultivate.  However inept I have become after years of trying to develop spontaneity and striving to capture the moment, I believe planning and effort are going to once again be my mode of operation.  Ah, I am finally home!!!  My wish for myself is to be deliberate and intentional in the way I fill my days rather than being caught up in the "thick of thin things" done in a hurried and haphazard way.  "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well."  Didn't my mom try to teach me that so many years ago? A job well-done, is after all, intentional and deliberate.

Intentional is the way I hope to redefine my relationship with a wonderful and caring husband as our nest is empty and work and routines begin to mellow.  Intentional is the approach I hope to use to stay connected with my scattered family by staying in touch long distance concerning their lives, their successes, their accomplishments, their challenges and trials.  Intentional is the way I hope to have "face time" with my new little grandson in order to be a part of each developmental milestone.  Intentional is the way I hope to do things that bring me joy rather than just keep me busy.  Intentional is the way I hope to move forward in 2013 with a little less caffeine and an "honest to goodness" hole worn in the knee of my sweats.

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